I'd like to get involved with MEA as a program facilitator.

We're thrilled our mission resonates with you. Here you'll find details on getting involved with MEA.

All of our programs for 2023 are contracted at the moment. The programming and facilitation team will conduct their internal discussion at the end of the year for 2024. 


Tip: A great way to continue to get to know us is by signing up for our newsletter, attending the live, free events we offer, and perusing our website to get involved. 


If you would like to dive deeper into our mission and experience how we operate - we would recommend applying for an in person workshop. The campus is beautiful, the people are incredible, and the curriculum is sure to expand you. Another great way to learn more about our curriculum and become a part of our growing global community would be to participate in one of our online courses.


If you are interested in employment - please be aware we are currently operating and seeking only the positions that are posted on LinkedIn and a year long moratorium for other requests. We do this to ensure your experience in the program is purely as a participant. This allows you, your cohort, and us to cocreate an authentic and transformative experience.